Butterfly Beach
Stroll along this beautiful part of the coast by the Coral Casino in Montecito.


 Bike Rental
Ride along the bird sanctuary and Santa barbara beach path.

The Funk Zone 
a 12-block area between State and Garden. The zone has 20 wine-tasting rooms that are part of Santa Barbara's Urban Wine Trail. Added to this are breweries, a distillery, some good restaurants, shops, galleries and the Guitar Bar.

Figueroa is Logena's favorite brewery and Lark is Logena's favorite restaurant in the Funk Zone.

Cruise along State Street and Paseo Nuevo and check out all the shops.


There are several amazing hikes in the area.

These courses are open to the public.

old converted mill in downtown Santa Barbara with a separate brewery (Third Window Brewery), winery (Potek Winery), and restaurant (Wildwood Restaurant). Also has several artisan boutiques.